Mrs. Essie Cockrell


I am excited and honored to be school nurse and favorably called “Mrs. Essie” by SCCS students and faculty. The SCCS School Clinic is owned and operated by SCCS for our students only, and is open daily from 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM to help students be able to stay in school. This is accomplished by taking care of minor illnesses and injuries that occur during school hours by providing basic medical care and over the counter medication… and a little TLC, too.  Parents are called to pick up their student if additional and/or advanced medical care is necessary. Students are required to have a signed State Health Form and a SCCS Clinic Permission Form on file to be seen and treated in the clinic. Prescribed medication can also be administered in the clinic if required during school hours.  

Lane Regional Health Center has also partnered with our clinic to help provide needed equipment for the clinic and enhance instruction for updates on current school health issues.

Slaughter Community Charter School
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