School Fees

Student Identification Cards

All students will be issued a student ID for security reasons and for the safety of the student body. Student IDs should be visible; either worn around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to the collar of the school uniform shirt. Students are unable to enter class without an ID.  A temporary 1-Day ID will be issued in the front office for $1Students who lose their ID or the ID is damaged or defaced, will be required to purchase a replacement ID for $5 in the library.


School Supplies

School supplies will be required each year for classroom instruction. The school supply lists detail the general classroom supplies such as paper, notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, etc. along with any class fees that may be included. Copies of these lists are available in the office. Additional supplies for projects and other activities may be requested throughout the school year.


Supply Fee

The instructional supply fee for each student is $35. The fee is used to cover the costs of an ID and lanyard, consumable textbooks, instructional materials, and technology needs. In addition to the supply fee, some courses may have a lab/course fee. 



Textbooks, books, and workbooks are the property of the SCCS and are available to all students in their classes. Students are expected to treat books with respect—no drawing, scribbling, writing, etc. A student will be responsible for any damage to a book, including water damage, torn pages, or loss. 


Physical Education Uniforms

Students are required to dress out for physical education class. PE Uniforms consist of a t-shirt and shorts and can be purchased through the PE department for $20


Breakfast and Lunch

All students will receive free breakfast and lunch for 2023-24 school year. Students must still turn in a completed lunch form; school funding is based on completing these forms. 



2023-24 yearbooks can be purchased for $25.


Extracurricular Activity Fee

If a student chooses to participate in an extra-curricular sport or club, then he/she may pay additional fees. Fees collected by a coach or sponsor are used for equipment, uniforms, field improvements, camp, etc. Students will not be eligible to participate in school sports until the supply fee has been paid in full.


Please note: Report cards, academic records, and participation in field trips and athletics will be withheld until the instructional supply fee is paid in full. 

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