School Board

The Slaughter Community Charter School Board consist of six members.  The board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the school.

Melissa Wyatt




Tim Kinyomi

Vice President



Glen LeDoux

Secretary / Treasurer



Andre Greenup





Newton Matthews




Deborah Chandler




If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions which need to be addressed please follow the complaints and resolutions protocol outlined below.  

Complaints and Resolution Protocol


As co-educators of their children, parents or caregivers have a right to be involved in their child’s learning, to be informed about their progress and to voice their concerns when issues arise. This protocol relates to complaints raised by parents or caregivers regarding the staff at Slaughter Community Charter School.


While it is recognized that some issues may be emotional, communication must be respectful and aimed at achieving meaningful resolution while maintaining the dignity of all involved.

The best interests of the child will be the primary focus of any discussion or outcome.

Complaints must begin at the building level between the person with the complaintant and the staff member involved.  No complaint will be addressed by board members without first allowing the school staff to solve the issue following the guidelines of this protocol. 


1st Level Contact the teacher, arrange a meeting, and discuss your specific concerns. The teacher will make every effort to provide a reasoned explanation or take appropriate action.

While direct communication between the parent or guardian and teachers is strongly encouraged, parents may opt to request a mediator to sit with the teacher and parent for the purpose of discussing a complaint. The mediator will be a member of the school administrative staff.

2nd Level If the parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the response or actions of the teacher, or does not believe that a satisfactory outcome has been achieved, the parent should contact the principal.  Be specific about the dates, times, and other details related to your complaint. The principal will, in turn, meet with the parent or guardian and the teacher to resolve the complaint.

3rd Level If the complaint is not resolved at the school level, contact board member, Mr. Greenup, by email ([email protected]).  In the email, please state a detailed explanation of the complaint, including outcomes of the teacher/parent meeting and the principal/teacher/parent meeting. Your email will be sent to the teacher to respond to the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the response, Mr. Greenup will arrange a meeting with the parent or caregiver, the teacher, the principal, and Mr. Greenup.

4th Level If the matter has not been resolved, the parent or guardian will be scheduled to meet with the Slaughter Community Charter Board in executive session.

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