Reopening Plan 2020/2021

The Virtual Contract must be received in the SCCS office no later than Friday, July 31. 

Click here to print the Virtual Contract for 2020/2021 

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UPDATED: 7/31/200

SCCS Re-opening:  SCCS will offer both the blended option and the 100% virtual option.

Phased openings

Phase 1: SCCS will operate under the virtual option for all students.

Phase 2: SCCS will offer both the 100% virtual option and a blended option.

Phase 3: SCCS will offer a full return to normal operations as well as a 100% virtual option.


Blended option:

  1. With this option, students will be divided into a Tuesday/Thursday group and a Wednesday/Friday group.  Students will attend school every other day and our average class size is 11 (well below the 25 person maximum mandated during phase II).

  2. Students will be educated face-to-face on their days at school and will be assigned work for their days at home.

  3. When splitting the students into groups, priority was given to ensure that siblings were on site the same day.  After that, further divisions were made to make certain that transportation needs could be adequately met while still adhering to the bussing guidelines provided by BESE/LDOE.  We will not be able to switch days.


Virtual option:

  1. SCCS has partnered with Edgenuity to offer a 100% virtual option to our families.

  2. Families who choose this option will be required to have their own device/internet access.

  3. Students in the virtual program will still be considered SCCS students.

  4. These students will still be required to take any applicable state testing.

  5. Families will be required to commit to the online option for 9-week periods.  For example, if a family chooses the virtual option and then decides to switch to the blended option, that will not be possible until the end of the 9-week period.

  6. If you completed our online survey requesting a virtual option, someone from our staff will reach out to you this week.  If you have not heard from an SCCS employee by Friday and are interested in the virtual option, please reach out to the school starting next week.

  7. Parents and students will be required to sign a contract stating they understand the student/parent responsibilities of virtual learning.



  1. Rather than having a formal orientation day as we have in the past, we will begin accepting payments for parking passes, activity fees, spirit shirt orders next week in the office. This will allow our families more flexibility to come to the school while also reducing the number of individuals in the building at any given time.

  2. Order forms for PE uniforms will be sent home the first week of school through the child’s PE class

  3. Our 7th grade teachers will be providing a video orientation to our new 7th grade students.

  4. ID’s will be created/distributed during the first full week of school.


Group size/location:

  1. As students arrive, they will report directly to their 1st period class.

  2. During transition times, dismissals will be staggered to prevent overcrowding in the hallways.

  3. Bathroom occupancy will be limited to 3 students.

  4. Hallways will become one-way.

  5. Lunch and breakfast will be prepared on-site this year.  Students are welcome to bring their own lunch, but refrigeration/microwaves will not be provided.

  6. Lunch will be eaten in the students 3rd period class. 


Temp/Wellness checks:

  1. Students will have their temperature checked as they enter campus. 

  2. If a student registers a temperature of above 100.4, they will be sent to the nurse and their temperature taken again after 20 minutes. If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher after the second check, they will be sent to an isolated area where they will be monitored and held until picked up.

  3. Students/Teachers should not come to school if they are ill.

  4. Students may be required to provide a doctor’s note to be allowed to return to school.

  5. If a positive case of Covid-19 is confirmed, SCCS will work with local officials to determine the most appropriate course of action moving forward.



  1. During Phase 2, all busses will operate at 50% capacity that will allow students to spread out to the maximum extent possible.

  2. Face coverings will be work on the bus.

  3. Windows will be open to the maximum extent possible.

  4. Busses will be cleaned daily and high touch surfaces on the buss will be cleaned to the maximum extent possible.


Surface cleaning:

  1. Each class will be supplied with surface cleaner and paper towels.

  2. Students/Teachers will be required to clean the surfaces before and after each class.

  3. We will work to move additional desks out of the room to minimize the surfaces that must be cleaned.

  4. Custodial staff will come every evening to clean all the classrooms/offices.

  5. Bathrooms and other high touch surfaces will be cleaned to the maximum extent possible.


The CDC, BESE board, and LDOE have identified three measures to minimize the spread of Covid-19: handwashing, social distancing, and the use of face coverings. 

  1. We will set up hand sanitizing stations at both entrances to the school.

  2. Everyone on campus will be required to wear a face covering “to the maximum extent possible.” Each student will be given 2 cloth masks. Students may provide their own mask.  To be appropriate for school, masks must follow our free-dress guidelines (no tobacco, weapon, alcohol, etc.). Ultimately, the appropriateness of the face mask will be determined by Mr. Ebey.

  3. Each teacher will be provided with ample hand sanitizer. Students should use this upon entry to the class.

  4. Desks will be spread out in each classroom to allow for social distancing to the maximum extent possible.

  5. Hallways will become one-way to reduce crowding during transition times.


Other information:

  1. The students will grab breakfast and take it to first period. 

  2. Students will be allowed to bring a bottle of water and will be given a bottle in PE.  Teachers will also sell water at cost if students are in need. Water fountains will be turned off for the safety of our students.

  3. All visitors must wear a mask while in the school lobby.  We encourage communication by phone or email as much as possible.


Click here to print re-opening information.


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New MealTime Online Lunch Program

Click here on MealTime Online to be taken to the Mealtime Online Lunch Program.

Slaughter Community Charter School is now using MealTime Online to provide the opportunity for you to view activity and history on your student’s lunch account, check account balances, receive low balance email notifications, and even make credit card deposits into your student's cafeteria account. In addition, the web site allows you to create and submit Free and Reduced Price School Meal Applications. 

Create a MealTime Online Profile: Once at the MealTime Online website, click on "Create New Profile" and enter a Username and Password that you will use to login to MealTime Online. The Username and Password must be at least 6 characters. For example, Username: jsmith Password: pty845.

Log in to your MealTime Online account using the Username and Password that you just created.

Options: At this point you can select MEAL ACCOUNT DEPOSITS to add your student to your profile then deposit money, OR you can select FREE & REDUCED APPLICATIONS to apply online for reduced meal prices.

Add Your Student: You will need your student’s first name ID number. Click the Meal Account Deposit button then select your school. Click the Add Student link to add your student using your student’s first name and student ID number.

View Account Balance and History: Once you’ve added your student, click the "View Details" link next to your student's name to view his/her cafeteria account balance and purchase history.

Make a Deposit: Click on the "Make Deposit" link to make a deposit into your student’s lunch account. There is a transaction fee, which will show at the end BEFORE you complete your transaction, and a $25 minimum deposit. 

Create an Online Application: Click the Free & Reduced Applications button and follow the wizard to create your application. Again, you will need your student’s first name and ID number. You will receive notification regarding the determination of the application within 10 business days.



Free & Reduced Lunch Information

Children need healthy meals to learn. Slaughter Community Charter School offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $1.50; lunch costs $3.00. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch. Click on the links below for an application for free or reduced price meal benefits, and a set of detailed instructions.

20201/2021 Letter & Instructions

Free & Reduced Lunch Application


We are excited to partner with SLA Management to provide breakfast and lunch meals cooked on campus for the 2020-21 school year! To make sure you are charged the correct eligibility, please turn in a Free/Reduced School Lunch Form as soon as possible. All 7th grade students and new students will be charged full price for meals until the lunch form is returned and processed. Former students must turn in a new lunch form by August 30th; after this date former students will be charged full price for meals. The cost for a full price breakfast is $1.50 and lunch is $3.00. Reduced lunch prices are $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.


Students can prepay for meals by depositing money into their account in person or online. Please note, students will be permitted to overdraft their account up to $12.00. After a student reaches $12.00 in overdraft charges, he/she will not be able to purchase a meal.


To prepay for meals with cash or checks, please bring money to deposit during lunch. Money can also be deposited online at www.mymealtime.com. To create an account, you will need your student’s first name and identification number. Please contact Dr. Goudeau at sgoudeau@thesccs.org or contact the school at 225-570-8682 if you need your student’s identification number. If paying for meals online, please note that the minimum charge is $25.00.


Additionally, we are looking into the possibility of making meals available during the days your student is not at school. Please complete our online survey at https://forms.gle/tR3SY3DBjwZaSvr5A if you would be interested in participating. The link to the survey can also be found on the school’s Facebook Page.

New Food Service Partnership with SLA

The start of school is right around the corner and SLA couldn’t be more excited to serve delicious meals to SCCS students and staff!

To get things started, click here to read the SLA Narrative which provides key information for parents, students, and staff  about the custom meal service program. Included in the Narrative is your school’s custom Nutrislice link. Nutrislice is our digital menus platform that allows easy, online access to menus, nutritionals, and more!

Student Parking Guidelines & Application

Students may pick up their parking passes during orientation or during school hours after the start of school. When you come to pick up your parking pass, bring the required form filled out, $15 cash, and a copy of your driver's license and proof of insurance. Passes will not be issued unless everything is turned in at the same time.

Click here for student parking guidelines and application.

PE Uniform Information

Students are required to purchase a PE uniform through the school. PE Uniforms will be available for purchase during orientation and the first weeks of school.


Required for PE:

Shirt ($6) and shorts ($9) purchased through SCCS.  Socks and athletic shoes with laces are also required and can be purchased at parents discretion.

During cold months students wear solid black or gray pants. They must follow the school sweatshirt policy (hoodies are not allowed in PE).


Questions: Contact Dr. Goudeau at sgoudeau@thesccs.org or Coach Shaffer at mshaffer@thesccs.org

Early Dismissal Schedule

September 25, 2020

October - TBD

November 20, 2020

December 18, 2020

February 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

May 18 - 20, 2021

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FREE WiFi Access

FREE WiFi access is now available in the front parking area at SCCS!
WiFi Name: SCCS_Public_Access
No password needed.

SCCS Announces 2019/20 Teacher & Students of the Year

Mr. Daniel Baker, Teacher of the Year

Audrey Falgoust, 8th Grade Student of the Year

Ke'Tron Jones, Student of the Year

We applaud your hard work!


With the release of the 2019 School Performance Scores Slaughter Community Charter School has been recognized as a Top Gains Honoree school by the Louisiana Department of Education. SCCS has an overall academic performance score of 86.4 (B).  We are so proud of the hard work and determination of our students, faculty, and community to always do their very best while seeking Excellence in Education.

SCCS ranked one of the 'best' 2020 Louisiana public high schools, according to US News!

Click here to read more about the ranking. 

Click here to read about the BEST high schools in the Baton Rouge area.  

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